Sister-in-law is pregnant but still passionate about sex

Having done this, I couldn't help but scream in a low voice. Because I live with my mother-in-law, I rarely wake up when having sex with my husband, so when having sex with my husband I am always silent. Today, I suddenly had an affair with Minh. has opened up a lot of my views on sex.

Ming heard my weak and low moan, he teased me even more. He took my hand and stroked her cock, it had visible veins and a bright red glans. He asked me to do it slowly. I rarely do it with my husband's cock so my technique is a bit rough. Ming could sense the rawness of my skills, so he slowly taught me how to let his cock enjoy the pleasure of being fucked. Tomorrow, he kisses my pussy and continuously caresses my body with his hands. He also slowly inserted his lower body cock into my mouth, suggesting that I use my mouth and tongue to service Ming's cock. He and I have been having sex for a long time, and have only given him oral sex a few times, so my oral sex skills are really not that good if Ming wants me to give it to him. oral sex!

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Date: June 25, 2024