Sister-in-law lacking affection plays with her brother-in-law

When my mother was sitting on the table, she happened to be in a position with her butt raised and her legs spread wide open. What caught Fang Wu's attention was her hairy vagina and small indented pussy. The black halo around the anus is also too big! Fang Wu was stunned for a moment so he picked up the bamboo board and swung it towards his mother's white buttocks, the flesh on her buttocks was shaken violently.

Mom spread her legs wide and knelt toward the men in the room. Mom lifted her ass up, all the woman's secrets exposed, revealing her entire vagina covered in pubic hair, between her spread legs. plump breasts. Her breasts were firm and firm.

What a beautiful, powerful chest! A man pinched his mother's chest and shook it.

Being exposed in front of so many men made my mother's nipples shrink into two tight little pimples. A man suddenly stretched out his fingers and flicked her left nipple. I saw my mother's nipples slowly stretch, the areola also stretch, then gradually stretch, shrinking again into a small nipple. The man flicked my mother's right nipple again, and the nipple's reaction was exactly the same as before. nipple.

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Date: June 24, 2024