I've loved your big cock for a long time and now I have the chance to suck it

Fang Wu's palm became harder at the same time. And his right hand went deep into his mother's arms, pinching her right breast hard.

Mother twisted her waist in pain, moaned and avoided. Fang Wu's right hand slid across her mother's soft abdomen, from the waist of her short skirt to her lower abdomen and pubic bone, rubbing her dense and lush vagina.

Mom couldn't help but raise her butt to avoid Fang Wu's clutches, but it gave Fang Wu's hands more room to be immoral.

No... Mom screamed in horror, but her lips were sealed by Fang Wu's foul mouth, only her whimpering could be heard.

Fang Wu's fingers finally found his mother's sensitive and fatal place! In an instant, my mother's whole body stiffened, not moving or screaming. Her eyes opened wide and filled with tears, looking straight up at the roof. Fang Wu also stiffened, his fingertips and tongue frozen on his mother's nipples and clitoris.

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Date: June 19, 2024