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Before the mother fully recovered, the man pinched her mouth and stuffed a piece of cloth. Then, the man covered the mother's mouth with tape. At this time, the mother was completely deprived of her right to freedom of speech. Next, her hands were tied behind her back. His back had a rope, and his eyes were covered with a black cloth.

The car was bumping on the road, the mother who suddenly encountered this disaster was very confused and did not know what fate awaited her.

The car stopped, the mother clasped her hands behind her back, covered her mouth and was pulled from the car into the door of the concrete house. The black blindfold was removed. She was forced upstairs by the men using knives. A man used one hand to hold her slim waist, and with the other he took out a set of keys from his pocket. Stinky waves of alcohol splashed hot water on her face. .

Mother avoided the man's breath and tried to open his arms, but they seemed to be made of steel, hard and sturdy.

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Date: June 19, 2024