Go to bed with the sweet class president

white. A trail of semen ran down from the corner of her mouth onto her towering breasts and elegant navel. Everything was covered with traces of semen. . The sight of men licking and smelling her face and body still made her nauseous.

At this time, a man found a yellow unripe banana in the fruit basket on the table, inserted it into the mother's devastated vagina and began to convulse. The banana used as a sexual tool is too thick and too big, exceeding the tolerance limit of the mother's vagina. The pumping force is too strong, causing the mother's vaginal opening to be slightly torn; , many times this area has turned purple.

The man took a banana and continuously pumped it into the mother's vagina more than a hundred times, then used his fingers to continuously destroy the mother's clitoris.

This type of sexual abuse is intolerable even for a professional prostitute, let alone a weak mother.

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Date: June 24, 2024