My juices are flowing, do you want to fuck me or not?

Me: Is this possible?

Tieu Nai: I agreed when I asked.

The video of two college students kissing, rubbing each other's breasts and licking each other's pussies in bed really kept me and her busy for almost a week, and we even started receiving more gifts from some people who dared to spend more.

Although according to regulations all items can be exchanged for cash at the company, to make gift givers willing to continue giving us points, Tieu Nai and I decided to only receive real underwear and wear them. it when going to work.

Gradually, even electric vibrators and dildos that were highly priced by the company began to be bought as gifts. In order to retain these relatively generous viewers, we have no choice but to reluctantly accept each set of masturbation products for use. in the video.

Before the computer went online, Tieu Nai and I discussed this method of lovemaking, and asked each other how much we would accept being fucked by electric dildos and vibrators. After discussing the final result, we showed off the two new boxes in front of us. screen.

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Date: June 17, 2024